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1967 Impala Impala 4 door Hardtop Protecto Plate LOW miles Very nice Chevrolet 6 | 1967 Chevrolet 1

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1967 Impala Impala 4 door Hardtop Protecto Plate LOW miles Very nice Chevrolet 6

1967 Impala Impala 4 door Hardtop Protecto Plate LOW miles Very nice Chevrolet 6 is a 1967 Chevrolet Impala Classic Car in Quebeck TN
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Used 1967 Chevrolet Impala 66,251 miles
Quebeck, TN

Classic 1967 Chevrolet Impala, with original 283 engine,-------------------------------------------------------------------------66251 original miles!--------------------------------------------------------It's already to go cruising to car shows. The gas tank has just been relined & put back in.-------------------------------------------------This is a head turner. The kids want to convert it to a Supernatural Replica car, but it is so sweet as it is I almost hate to do it!!----------------------------This is a matching numbers, running car.--------------------------------I have the books and protecto plate that came with it still in the original plastic!--------------------------------------There is a little bit of surface rust in the trunk as they had the original mat in it that collected moisture beneath it but that is an easy fix.--------------------------------------------------------Clear Title, good to go.------------------------------------------So I don't have to repeat myself, for all who are emailing me regarding the specifics about this car:-------------------------------------------------My husband just came in from driving and checking it out, this is what he says:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Car is overall one of the nicest we've had. Has exhaust leak up front,really couldn't see where. We usually leave the exhaust alone because newowners usually want headers and new dual exhaust installed.Will needeyebrow molding on the front drivers side but that can be bought online.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Gas tank has been removed and coated and re-installed.New ascending unit and vent lines in tank.-------------------------------------------------------New fuel lines.-----------------------------------------------------New fuel filter.-------------------------------------------------New fuel pump.----------------------------------------------Will need tune up but runs and shifts well.Brakes checked and are good. There are a few spots in trunk that need repair but no big deal in repairing it if you even choose to do so.(we didn't on ours)-------------------------------------------------------------Whole interior is about as good as you will ever see!Passenger side carpet has water stain where windowwas left open but any old/original carpet should be removed anyways.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You can get really nice and clean new ones online that fit nicely.Very New-ish tires!-------------------------------------------------------------I prefer cash in person but call for other options.-----------------------------------------------*If you want us to "hold it" while you are making arrangements to come here to buy it, I will only hold it with a deposit of $1,000.00---------------------------------------------I repeat (so don't ask!) we cannot "hold" any cars without a deposit.----------------------------------------------------We only have these terms to weed out the "lookers" from the "buyers" NOT just to tie up people's money, as you would not believe the emails I get & I cannot tell who is serious or not just by an email.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This car is used and is being sold "as is" when the sale is made.------------------------------------Arrangements for transporting the car is up to the buyer however I will assist if I can.-------------------------------------------------------The car is OK to wait here while arrangements are made.------------------------------------------*any questions email me ----------------------------------------or call (931) 657-3601-----------------------------------------------------You are welcome to make an appointment to see it in person and bring a body man or a mechanic to inspect it.----------------------------------------*I'll be posting a link to more pictures soon------------------------------------------------------------------------Keywords: 1967 Chevrolet Impala 4 door Hardtop Protecto Plate matching numbers Low Mileage Supernatural Chevy no post car pillarless Hard top dr----------------------------------------------------Phone: 931 657-3601------------------------------------------------------------* I also have another low mileage, 1967 Chevy Impala 4 dr Hardtop with Factory air available for sale.----------------------------------------------------------------------City: Nashville, Knoxville, Chatanooga, McMinnville, CookevilleState: TN-----------------------------------------------------------This open letter, is a reply to one of my repeat inquiries on "How much will it cost me to make a Supernatural Impala?"---------------------------------------------------------------- Because everyone trying to buy/restore a 1967 Chevy Impala 4 dr Hardtop wants to know what it will cost them to restore an Impala like the one on the TV show, "Supernatural", to all of you out there, please read this before emailing me. I get asked this by sooo many people everyday that it is hard to find the emails from people wanting to know availability on the 67 Impalas that we are selling from our family's collection..-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Q: What will it cost me to restore a 1967 Impala 4 door Hard top, into one like on the TV show "Supernatural", or otherwise refereed to by fans as a "Metallicar" like your son Mike's, that was in the 2012 Supernatural Convention at Nashville.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------A: Here we go....I get asked this all the time, --------------------------------------------------*it all depends on your tastes and pocket book!---------------------------------------Below is a reply I sent to a fellow wanting an immediate "daily driver" to not only restore the body into a Supernatural" replica car but needed it for commuting to work as soon as it arrived (in the UK) So bear in mind this is answering his email, but it all applies to you all as well.---------------------------------------------------------------------I've seen people do a "Rustoleum paint job", Google it on YouTube, for $150, for a daily driver that they were pleased with, others turn their noses up at anything less than perfection!---------------------------------------------------You can get new vinyl black seats done or $600 or get various grades of leather $$, $$$, $$$$! -----------------------------------------------------------------------There are 2 grades of new carpet one was $176 when we got Mike's the other $276, both were made the same way from the same carpet by the same company but one had extra padding to muffle road sounds...----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mike originally got by with the original black headliner until he had the cash to redo it in tan like the show has but no one ever noticed it was black cuz it looked good in the car, but he wanted it as close to the show as he could do...-----------------------------------Mike changed engines for a bigger, prettier one 'cuz he's a boy, Va ROOM! *:) happy,-----------------------------------------------------------------*it was totally unnecessary though!! -------------------------------------------------------------Mike upgraded his perfectly good original headlights with modern halogen ones, ditto on all the mirrors for better visibility.Do you want the original drum brakes or upgrade to modern disc?You want cheap, or good or Great paint or what?? We know one fellow that just bought our white A/C Impala (going to the UK) who is going to have his car "wrapped"!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------There are limitless options with costs all over the board!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mike chose a top of the line paint job, the cost to buy the paint alone (we bought it and had it sent to where the car was being restored, was about $700.00 by itself just for the black paint (the tan interior paint for doors and dash, etc.. was another separate price, not too much though) the black paint was a step down from lacquer paint, it is a type that is a very pigmented, dense black that IF an accident should occur it can be repaired and repainted the part that was replaced and still match the rest of the car, with a lacquer paint the entire car has to be redone to match!----------------------------------------------Can you sand and strip the car yourself (save loads of money with sweat equity) or want to pay them about $45 dollars an hour for sanding?--------------------------------------------------------------------------Then they will charge you to prep the car for the paint job, each car will be different depending on how smooth and rust free it is to start with, the better the car, the lower the cost to prep for paint, the prepping is the most expensive cost to making a Supernatural replica! ------------------------------------------------------* I cannot emphasize this enough! *-----------------------------------------------------Again each car is unique and there is no way I can estimate this, I am not qualified as I don't know the car you will be starting with or your tastes and budget.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Also do you want to just sand and make it straight and smooth, free of rust? Or do you want it taken down to the metal and prepped like they do when building the car new?------------------------------------------------------------------------Mike's car was all blue so he put in a totally new interior, rug, seats, headliner etc.------------------------------------------------------------------Those prices vary depending on who does the work and where they order the materials and what grade of materials you want. Or if it has the original, "goldish", tan color that many fans leave that way and just do the seats black.------------------------------------------------------Want new wheels, tires? (we bought ours online so no tax and free shipping to our door!) to match the show's car EXACTLY.-------------------------------------------------------Have the engine tuned up all the belts hoses checked, we even had Mike's gaskets replace, brakes checked etc.. tuned up the engine then came across the nice new pretty bigger one and yanked out the original, not necessary but very, VERY cool!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bumper guards?? You want flawed, cheap ones (only available used) or NOS IF you can find them? Rears guards cost more than fronts, Mike's were top of the line NOS, we paid $1,000 for them for a huge graduation present from MSCC ( for getting a 4.0 GPA and honor society scholarship!) it's a 2 year college, he currently is working on B.A. at TTU, he's a good kid, we are very lucky parents---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------All these things can be done by a restorer or your local mechanic or you.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mike and his dad and I did it most of it themselves, so I don't know the cost or if your car needs any or all of these things!--------------------------------------------------------------------------You/they would also have to find the missing trim, if needed, if you only need front trim you can either buy it used (takes a bit of hunting but MUCH cheaper) or order new aftermarket trim pieces from various places like Impala Bob's , Mike's Chevy etc... or NOS if you can find it for much more than the aftermarket pieces. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Also IF the car you start with is missing ANY side or back chrome trim it will be a HUGE scavenger hunt locating the missing trim as they NEVER made it aftermarket, it is totally unique to a 4 dr Hardtop, and if you are fortunate enough to locate the piece(s) you need, you will pay a LOT $$ for it/them!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Ditto on any cracked or missing glass, except for the windshield, which is available for about $300, as it is the same on all 67 Impalas and they made them aftermarket as the SS 2dr has always been a collectible muscle car with a strong following. But with any missing glass you are fortunate enough to locate, you will have to DRIVE to wherever it is to be sure it arrives intact, so big $$, IF you can find it!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We bought an entire rusted out car that only had the glass that was salvageable, and on top of the cost of the car, we paid $1,000 to get it hauled here on an auto hauler, just to get the glass which we have squirreled away in case we need it in the future!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------And one time, we got lucky, (just once!) we found a fellow that had 10 pieces of side trim, he wanted $1,000 for it, we jumped on it and bought it for one of our cars that needed it and when we sold that car, we gave the option for the buyer to find their own or have ours for what we paid for it (we had the original ad and the box it was shipped to us in, so they could see that was what it cost us) They opted to find their own, which was fine with us, as we knew what we had was priceless to someone needing the trim to finish their car...... well a little later we get a frantic request asking if we still had that trim package, option available, they would very much like it if it was still available...... LOL----------------------------------------------------------------------------------People don't understand that missing parts are harder to locate than the cars themselves as anything that was once deemed a "parts car", has been snapped up by a Supernatural fan that is trying to restore it!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------So parts cars (and the needed spare parts) are HARDER to find than a decent car is, and if you have been looking for any length of time you will know this!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You really would have to have an auto restorer give you a total for the cost, for the actual car you have/want and what you want done.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyone who gives you a price to sell a car is lying to you as you can see by what I've taken the time to explain to you!------------------------------------------------------------------It took me FOREVER to get the best prices for Mike's car when we needed stuff. I did it piece by piece to save $$!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Any auto restorer will do this when they give you an estimate on the job. But They will just make a list and order the parts from Whomever has them (the ones that are aftermarket) available so to speed up the job as TIME is money! The more time they have to spend finding parts, the more it will cost you so they really don't save you money when they bill you by the hour. -----------------------------------------------------------------There is a reason for their speed!-------------------------------------------------------------However If you've assembled all the extra parts yourself before you place the order to restore the car, undoubtedly you will save money!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We have purchased many parts that our cars might need, that are very, very hard to find, however we let people get their own if they want, as unless they search and search for awhile they have no idea just how scarce and costly they are, and think we are inflating the prices.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Do you see what I mean, there are tons of answers you need to have ready for a restorer when you place the order,and the good ones have long waiting lists for an open slot.---------------------------------------------------------------------------How can I assume to give you a quote when I have no idea of your expectations!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Some people just want a car slapped together as cheap as decently possible, others want to do everything to perfection, one step at a time if that's all the $$ they have at the moment, they are happy that they at least have the car!!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Not trying to give you the run around but we have sent people to a couple of places that we know do good work and they have asked us to stop referring inquiries as they don't have time for "window shoppers"!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It takes them a lot of time to work up an estimate (we live 1 1/2 hours round trip from them so they will not come here for free to inspect a car, and don't like to do it even when they get paid because it stops them from finishing the cars they have going already...--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In order for us to get a car to them Bill (Husband) has to take at least 1 day off to make an appt, trailer it up (the ones for sale are not registered to be driven on the road) take it there and wait pay them and bring it home.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------So we can't do this for everyone "curious" about making a Supernatural car unless they answer all the possible options and want to pay him for taking a day off and pay for an estimate.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We don't mind helping people that have bought our cars and we do help tons of people that have questions all the time, depending on how heavy my emails are for the day, but we can't read minds, and won't lie to sell a car! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------You need to do some work yourself, look at each car you are considering, look at what it needs and make phone calls or email places or search prices for parts online, that's what we had to do!No one walked us through anything!---------------------------------------------------------------You have a huge advantage, that at least you have found someone who has COMPLETELY restored one and can give it to you straight!-------------------------------------------------------------------------Bottom line, these cars are crazy popular and scarce, getting scarcer every day and going up in prices for them and any spare parts! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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